Orca (Orcinus orca)


Orcas are undeniably one of the most beautiful and powerful creatures on this planet, and like so many of the creatures that inhabit Earth, there is still so much to be learned about them. Orcas are also known as killer whales, although they are not whales at all. Orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family. They are known to travel in pods, and each pod even has their very own clicking sound, which makes it easy for members to recognize one another. Females are essential to the pods as the lineage of the pod is based on the mother, and her children remain members of the pod for a lifetime. orca baby

Orcas are also highly social and extremely intelligent animals. With speeds of up to 35 mph, they are some of the fastest creatures in the ocean. They are not necessarily migratory, but do migrate if their food source is near depletion. Orcas are also an apex predator, which means they are on the very top of the food chain. Orcas are broken down into three different types: Transients who prey on marine mammals, resident orcas that prey on fish, and offshore orcas, although their diet in unknown. They hunt in packs using echolocation to help them communicate. Orcas like to feed on fish, marine mammals, and have even been known to eat sharks!

orca shark

Click on the video below to watch an Orca attacking a shark.

To learn more about Orcas click on one of these links:



Conservation of our oceans is crucial to the survival of these and many other sea creatures. The links above offer information to donate to causes that help keep our oceans clean and safe for all its inhabitants.





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